Monday, April 27, 2015

Shabby Mushrooms

Good Afternoon everyone.  It's been a little while since I have blogged but that doesn't mean that I haven't done projects.  I just really haven't had the time to blog because our family has had a long hard winter but we are now on the road to recovery and things are getting back to normal.  Anyways, here is my first project to blog about and we (my daughter Jessica and I) had some fun doing this together.  We had gone to a flea market last spring and found these teak wooden salad bowls and she said she had seen somewhere how they had made mushrooms out of them.  We bought them and decided to craft together.  Well, we jumped right in and started projecting and forget to take before pictures but we forgot about one bowl, so here is the before picture before it got any paint:

We starting paint with acrylic paint just out of the small tubes and decided to pick fun and bright colors for the outdoor mushrooms, so they would stand out if one decided to put in their flower garden.  Colors we picked were red, orange, lime green and of course, pink.

We found old ends of table legs and turned pieces of wood to use for the stems because of course, mushrooms need stems.  We left some of the pieces how we found them and painted some and sanded them to look old and shabby.

Sanding like crazy.

When they were all painted, the spots had to come on and we decided to use a large marshmallow to dab the assorted color spots on.  Some of the spots were first painted on in white and than a 2nd color on top.  The tops were than all sanded to try to match their stems and of course to look a little shabby.

And these are our shabby mushrooms.  What do you think?  Would you put them in your spring garden or how about your patio for some color and fun?

So until next time, Dianne.........................

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