Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Updated Butterflies....

Happy Wednesday!  It is a beautiful day here in Michigan:)  The sun is shining and the windows are open!! We found these wonderful butterflies at garage sale...  Really outdated....but when we've painted them in the past, they seem to sell rather quickly.  So, I decided to paint the brown butterflies a lime green and then I rubbed some pink paint in the grooves.  It's really hard to tell the color on my pictures....Either way they look better than before...

It is a lime green color and accented with pink paint.

Maybe you can tell better here?

 Or here?

Here are some white ones....

I decided to go with yellow and accented with white paint....

Have a great evening!!!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fun Red Bike Decor

Happy Tuesday!  I am squeezing in a late evening blog post while the house is quiet:)  Loove these moments when the kiddos are fast asleep.....and oh so peaceful:)  I had fun with this quick little project.  My Shabby Gals partners and myself found a few treasures together...and I had the opportunity to update this little fancy bike.

Here she is before...a little rusty.

So I pulled out my trusty spray paint and went to work....Who wouldn't love to have a bright and shiny red bike to add to a shelf??

The Shabby Gals are having a garage sale this send us some good vibes that the weather will cooperate and we will have some AMAZING sales!!!  Have a wonderful evening!!!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

A New Window Look

Good Morning.  It's Good Friday and we are having a spring rain shower.  Easter is late this year and so is Spring, but I think it is here.  Everyone is so waiting for some nice warm weather like we had last weekend.  It was beautiful.  Well, anyways here is my latest project. Originally, I had made these curtains for my kitchen out of a orange,green and gold stripe silk.  They were still looking nice but I was tired of them.  I wanted a lighter look and brighter look to my kitchen.  Window dressing is the finishing touch in a room and changes the look of a room so much.  Here is my old curtains:

As you can see they weren't bad just a little dark for what I now want, which is more of a shabby chic and vintage look.
I saw this idea in a Vintage Style magazine and just loved the idea.  They had made curtains out of old hankies.  They very colorful hankies made up in curtains and they were full length, they covered the whole window.  I loved the idea but I didn't want the whole window to covered up and I wanted not so much color.  So, I started collecting old hankies, but not with so much color and ones that were a little bit fancier.  These were embroidered ones and if they had color it was soft color.  
I first measured my windows and added just a little bit of fullness because I really wanted the hankies to show up their detail.  I than cut out so white material in the length and width that I needed and than I proceeded to turn over the side edges and the hem and top-stitched them.  I left the top undone because I originally had thought that I just wanted clips to hang the curtains by but had left enough material at the top to add a casing if I wanted one.  I ironed each and every one of the hankies and laid them on top of the white material and pinned them where I wanted the hankies. 
When they were how I wanted them I top stitched them onto the white background.  When they are hanging one can't see the top stitching.  I just love the details on the hankies.

I had finished the curtain over the sink and hung them by the clips and I didn't like the look, they looked like they were falling all over the place and you couldn't see the details of the hankies.  So, I finished the curtains by added the the casing for the simple curtain rod to go thru and I liked the look better and it really looks like there a just hankies hanging on the window. 

My kitchen looks so much lighter and summery looking and more vintage looking also.  I am really pleased by the look and it is so much different that what I had before.

I even made a smaller version for my kitchen door.

Just some close-up pics of the pretty hankies I used.
So what do you think, better or worse?  Until next time, Dianne......

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ugly Sign to Fabulous Chalkboard

Good afternoon!  It actually snowed today.....EEEK!!  Are we ever going to see spring stay??  We enjoyed seventy degrees this past weekend.....and now we are seeing snow and cold temps!!  I am so hoping for a warm Easter...maybe, just maybe:)

I have another chalkboard project to show you....I know, seriously it seems like this is all I ever share with you:)  However, check out this dandy wall hanging....

Super cute, hey?  You know you want one hanging on your wall....right?  So, what else to do with it than make it into a chalkboard...  I just used my trusty old chalkboard spray paint.  Here she is in better form don't 'cha think?

Have a great evening!!
Thanks for reading!!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Chevron Love

Hi all!!! Just another beautiful spring day around these parts. I just LOVE being outside and FINALLY being able to complete some projects that have been calling my name all Winter. Today I am going to show you a little bench seat that needed a little t.l.c. Almost to the point that I didn't really know what to do with it. After some heavy sanding and tearing out of nails I was able to get the look that I was going for. I just ADORE this fabric that I used...I feel like chevron is all the rage right now. I see it everywhere in furniture, clothes, bags, etc. I have fallen in love with it as well.

Anyhow I picked up this cute little seat at an estate sale that my Mom and Dad invited me to go on with them. It was during the day so I had to take my little angel with me. Of course being in someone else's house with no lights and a little bit filthy probably isn't the place for a little girl but I was still able to find a few treasures. She loved digging through some of the stuff herself and it led me to believe she might take after her mother and have a LOVE for finding treasures. :)

This piece needed lots of sanding and the seat part had about a million nails, not even exaggerating. So once I got the sanding done I primed it and painted it this gray. I then took apart the seat and re-covered it with this adorable chevron print. I think it looks much better than the faded, stained, orange material. Hopefully I can find a place for this or someone else can in there home. I hope you all enjoy your weekend!!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Quick & Simple Update

Happy Spring!  It's supposed to hit sixty degrees later this week here in good 'ole Michigan!!  Yeah!!  I feel like this has been the looongest winter EVAH!!  Maybe we'll be able to enjoy some lunch after school at one of our local parks.....seems like forever since we've done that!!

We currently have our house for sale and either are looking for that special house or we plan on building.....either way I'm looking forward to it:)  Although there's a bit of anxiety too:)  I hope it all goes smooooth.....

I wanted to share with you a quick update on some candlesticks I did last summer.... They started out as a gold color.  

I sprayed them green and antiqued them with some black acrylic paint....They have some neat details and I think the black paint brings them out.

Have a great rest of the evening!!!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Spring Dress for a Princess

Good Morning everyone.  It's a beautiful April morning in Michigan and the sun is shining and one feels so ambitious.  I hate to say that Spring is here because I might jinx the warm weather and my days of staying outside and enjoying the sun and warmth might go away.  We have had a hard winter here in Michigan and I guess the rest of the nation hasn't had it too easy either.  When the snow was flying I was a little busy making and having fun sewing and knitting for my grandchildren.  When my kids were little I did alot of sewing and really enjoyed it but when my girls grew up, they weren't exactly happy with my creations.  So now when the grandbabies have come I am back to creating.  I found this cute little bodice in one of my knitting magazines and decided that I just had enough yarn to recreate this little bodice. I am so bad in taking the pictures before I sewed this up but you will get the idea when you see our little Princess dancing around.

I actually ran out of the lime green yarn so I had to improvise by adding some yellow yarn and white with some yellow and blue mixed in.  I think that adding some more color just gave it a little bit more interest.
When I added the yellow it made it a little easier to match up a color for the skirt.  I decided to add a yellow and some tulle on top of the yellow.  I added the skirt 1 1/2 times the width of the bodice and probably tripled the amount of tulle.  I first gathered the tulle and than the yellow and sewed them together first.  Than I added it to the bottom of the bodice being careful not to stretch the knitted bodice.

I finished off the dress by adding some vintage buttons on the back to close the bodice.
And I just finished off the hem by turning it over and top stitching.  Very simple.  I left the tulle with the cut edges because that will not fray.

Here is my little dress before the dancing Princess put it on.

I think it looks like Spring..........

So, here is my little dress for one of my little Princesses.  What do you think?

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