Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time Time Time

Good Morning Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We had a snow day here in Michigan because of the ice and rain and snow that came at us Tuesday evening.  So now it's Thursday and its get up and go, no more projecting until the evening or the weekend.  Now on to my latest project.  Husband found this delightful old table at an estate sale for the price of $10.  It was sturdy but needed a little TLC.  It has a drawer that you can't see but it's there.  The little metal feet on the table were badly rusty and falling off.  I didn't save them  nor did I replace them either.  Well, here is my before picture and as you can see the top had water marks and the finish was gone, but I still liked it.
I had seen in a magazine a table similar to this one with a clock face on it.  I just loved it but I had to figure out everything.  I first painted the table with a taupe color paint.  Then I cut out my own stencils for the numbers and the clock hands.  I used Martha Stewart letter stencils and another stencil for the writing on the clock.  When I was placing the stencils it took a little time and a lot of erasing before the clock looked right.  The rest was easy.  I painted the design on in a reddish brown acrylic paint.

When all stenciling was painted on  I decided to antique the top and the sides with the same paint that I had done the stenciling in.  It made it look a little older and blended in the numbers and writing.  I also antiqued the legs and center post of the table.  I also painted solid the banding around the table.  The feet were thrown away so I painted them.  I used the original drawer pull which I liked.

So here is what my clock table looks like.....Time Time Time.....................

So, what do you think?   Until next time, Dianne................
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Weathered Approach

Hello!! Let me tell you how excited I am that it is Wednesday! I know it seems silly but the husband is back in town and the baby seems to be recovering from a few sick days that we have been having. Also we got some snow last night around these areas!! I just love snowy days for some reason. I guess I figure if we have cold weather it might as well snow.

Speaking of snow I am going to share with you this piece that I picked up from a garage sale (I know that's where we get all of our treasures). I believe it was originally from IKEA or at least that's what it kind of looks like. It had been used outside around the pool as a bench, so it was already beginning to weather. I had so many other projects to get done before I started this one so I thought I would continue to let it sit outside and weather for a little bit longer (probably close to a year...oops). It was actually being used as a bench as it was sitting outside so it didn't really look like I was "weathering" it, I guess that's what I will call my new technique. :) Anyhow, I eventually got around to this piece and I just loved the faded red paint and the underlying color of the natural wood coming through. I loved that rustic so much already that I couldn't get myself to paint it. I simply continued to sand it down, especially the legs because for some reason they didn't look as weathered as the top had. I then took some poly acrylic and brushed a coat or two on top to give it a more finished look.

Here is the before picture. As you can see the top had already lost most of it's paint. The picture below shows the legs and they needed a little bit more sanding because being outside didn't have as much effect on them as the top.

Here is the after. Like I stated previously it was simply sanding down a little bit more in places and put a quick clear coat on it. I think it would work well as a coffee table.

I love how it looks as if it was made out of old barn wood! It came out just how I had envisioned when I purchased this piece. ;) Well, maybe I didn't quite envision this way back then but after seeing how it turned out I am glad I didn't paint it! Until next time...Jessica

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What A Horse

Good Morning, everyone.  It's Tuesday and not my normal day of blogging but I wanted to share a cute horse lamp base that probably dates back to the fifties.  Definitely a little vintage.  My husband found it at an estate sale for $5 with no chips and in perfect shape and no lampshade.  Having no lampshade was not a big deal.  I knew that I could find one to fit the lamp.  I did really think this lamp is so fun.  Here is the before picture:

I found a lampshade that did fit the lamp but I needed a little shabbiness to add to the cute lamp.  So I started rummaging thru all my ribbons, trims and sparkles that I have accumulated.  The rhinestone trim that looks a little used actually came off a fancy pair of jeans that I had bought at a garage sale just for the rhinestone trim.  I glued all the ribbons on with fabric glue and was patient and waited for each strip to dry before I added another one on.  Sometimes buying old clothes at a garage sale just for the buttons, trims etc..can add so much to another project.
When all the strips of ribbons and rhinestones had dried, I decided that the top and bottom of the shade had to be finished.  I found in my stash some black and gold trim to finish off the bottom of the shade. I liked the introduction of a little gold to the shade.  Sometimes introducing a 3rd color just enhances the whole look and doesn't look so monochromatic.
To the top of the shade I had found some black lace that had a slight gather to it and glued it on top of all the ribbons to finish off the top.  It added a little bit more femininity to it and some shabby chic!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is  look at the lamp with it's shabby chic lampshade. I think its fun and different at the same time.
So what do you think?  Until next time, Dianne.....................
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Updated Desk

Good morning!!!  How are you?  It's Monday.....and the weekend went by really, really fast.  My husband had a work convention up at Shanty Creek this past week so my son and I tagged along.  It was wonderful to get away for a couple days and switch up the scenery.  Shanty Creek is a wonderful ski resort where they have many outdoor activities.  I would love to go back next year and spend some more time exploring the resort.

I found this desk off Craigslist....and the best part was that it was FREE!!  I thought it had some great potential so I gladly brought it home.  Pretty dirty...right?  Well, it was sitting in my garage for awhile....I was waiting for some inspiration...well that's what I told my hubby anyways:)

I gave it a good cleaning and then a coat of Kilz primer.  After the primer dried, I painted two coats of gray "oops" paint on it.  Have I mentioned that I love "oops" paint especially the price?  I used an acrylic paint to mimic the distressed/antique look.  I then finished it off with a few coats of wax to protect the paint.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!!
Make it great!
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Ruffle Pants

Hi all!! It's Friday again and usually I look forward to the weekend but the hubby is going out of town for work and that means it's just the girl and I for a few days. It will be fine but I always wonder what we are going to do to keep ourselves busy. I am sure we will find some ways.

Recently I took a trip to the fabric store and ended up walking out with some fabric with coordinating colors but mismatched designs. I LOVE the colors yellow and gray together and I thought I could come up with something for the baby girl. I was thinking that maybe I could try a simple dress or skirt but she has more than enough that we don't even get to wear. I have seen these ruffle pants all over the internet lately and I just love how they look on little girls. I dug through her dresser and pulled out a pair of her pants to use as a pattern and that is how I began. I should have taken some pictures of the steps while I was sewing but I got so into it that I only have the end result. I ended up making pants that were a little too low on her little bum when she bent over and was crawling around so I improvised and added a sash for the top and took out my elastic that was around the waist. It ended up working out just as well and I think I even like them better with the added detail at the top. They fit her perfect and look so darn cute on her that I think I will try some more. Have a great weekend!!

This is the fabric that I bought. I bought about a 1/2 yard of each and didn't come close to using it all, especially the polka dot. I had a lot of that left.
Then before I show you how the pants turned out these are the pants that I used for a pattern. They also were an inspiration for this project.
This is how they turned out! I was happy with the result because I didn't know what they were going to look like seeing as though they were only my second sewing project for her. They gave me confidence to keep on trying different things.

I kept trying to take pictures of her but as you know with a 13 month old they don't like to sit still so I just snapped away while she climbed up and down her favorite chair. :)

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Corner Cabinet

Good Morning everyone.  It's cold here in Michigan and it's getting to be the end of February, but not quite fast enough.  We would like to see the sun a little bit more than we have but it is a good month to do projects, which I have been busy.  Well, I found this cute corner cabinet at a flea market in Springfield, Ohio.  I have been looking for quite some time and when I saw this one I jumped on it.  Really liked the scalloped edges of the cabinet but I wanted a little bit more to it.  There is a door to the bottom shelves but we were in a hurry to start this project.  So here is the before picture:


The cabinet was already painted a dingy white and the green print contact paper had to go.  So after the cabinet was all cleaned up, I started painting it a clean cream color.  I wanted the cabinet to match my cupboards in my kitchen.  Of course, I couldn't leave it alone and thought it needed some more detailing.  The door that covered the bottom 2 shelves was plain and boring.  Had another piece of wood from another old cabinet.  I decided to add this to the front of the door with some added trim to the sides  of the added piece.  I distressed the front and all the details with burnt umber acrylic paint, I painted it on over the cream and than wiped off the excess and left the brown in all the crevices.
I than added an old door plate to the handle with an old crystal knob.  I loved the look.  A little shabby, don't you think?
Along the edges of the cabinet, where the scalloped edges were, I simply dabbed a rag (wet) into the umber paint and rubbed along the inside edges.  When the rubbing was all done I than took a paint brush and loaded it with the acrylic paint and with the sides of the brush simply rubbed the hard edges with the paint to give a rustic look.
I had added some more time to the front of the shelves and also rubbed paint on them to show off the details of the wood.
At the top, I added a little piece of metal (I don't remember where it came from) to add a little more interest.  I rubbed some paint on that too.
To finish off the piece I added some vintage wallpaper to the shelves.  It had a brown and a soft orange design to it which picked up the colors in my kitchen.
So, how do you like the piece?  It took a little bit of time but I was happy.  Until next time, Dianne

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Three Eiffel Towers

Happy Tuesday!!  What's on your agenda today?  Anything fun?  My son has preschool for a few hours this morning so I will be trying to wrap up a few projects.  I found this set of Eiffel Towers this past fall at a garage sale.  I thought they were so cute and loved the sizes of them.  

I simply sprayed them give them a new look.  That's all....easy peasy.
Sometimes nothing beats a quick project!  These would look cute in a little girl's room...don't you think?

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