Thursday, March 27, 2014

Vintage ABC Plate Turned Chalkboard

Good evening!  It's quite around here for the I thought I would write a quick blog post and share a project with you.  I have shared many....many chalkboard projects with you...and I have one more to show you:)

I found this vintage ABC plate at a church rummage sale maybe last spring??  I know it's vintage because my Mom had one of these on her shelves for years while I was growing up:)  Here it is before...

I decided to paint the center of the plate with chalkboard paint....and here it is after.  I apologize for the horrible picture.  I took it in the evening without natural light....I think it's a fun take on a chalkboard.  What do you think?

Enjoy the rest of your evening!!
Thanks for reading!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Dressed-up Dress Form

Good Morning everyone.  I'm back after a wonderful trip down South and we enjoyed some warm weather.  It was hard to leave the warmth but hopefully here in Michigan we should be warming up.  Every vacation has to come to an end, I guess.  Well, it's Friday and I wanted to share a little project that was really fun to do and maybe a little silly, but oh well.  I had this dress form that looked a little sad and I wanted to fancy her up.  Here is the before picture:

 She was in really good shape.

 I was up in my crafts room and was looking at all my materials and gems that I had been collecting from garage sales and estate sales.  I decided to doll her up and started by putting on a fancy and lacy bra that I had found.  Than I decided she needed a skirt.  I gathered up some yellow tulle and added some antique lace material on top and added it as a skirt.
 I covered up the waistband with some gathered yellow tulle and a green ribbon and a pretty yellow butterfly.  I added some pearls and a shabby netting hat with a big rose and some green leaves.
 I also added some of the yellow tulle around the top of the bra and under the pearl necklace.

 The lace material had flowers all over it
 And here she is.  All dressed up and a little shabby, too.  Kinda of fun.  So, what do you think?  Better or worse?  Until next time, Dianne........

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Updated Garage Sale Special Mirror

Happy Wednesday!  I've been trying to blog for the last couple of days:)  Better late than never...right?  Life is unpredictable and my days seem like a whirlwind taking care of my twinners.  They are three months old already....I can hardly believe it.  They are starting to coo, smile, and giggle....That first baby giggle is just so's really the best sound in the world!  I am truly enjoying them:)

I found this mirror at a garage sale awhile back.  I decided to spruce it up with some gray paint and then antique it with white paint.  

Here it is after it has been "spruced up".....

Have a great evening!!
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Friday, March 14, 2014

From Top to Bottom

Happy Friday!! The sun is shining and the snow is melting, what more could we ask for? It's a gorgeous day around these parts of Michigan and I am absolutely loving it!! So as soon as I am done sharing my latest pair of leggings that I made for my little girl I am going to go outside and enjoy it. Maybe try to shovel so I can see my driveway again. :)

Lately I have been OBSESSED, yes I do mean obsessed, with going to Salvation Army. In fact in the past couple weeks I have been to four different ones around these areas. I LOVE going in and seeing what treasures are hiding. It definitely takes time and patience but I always come out with a few things. The last time I ventured into this wonderful store I found this old, crocheted, long sleeved shawl or cardigan. Not really sure what you would call it I guess. I bought it with the intentions of using it for my daughter and not myself (and it was half off which was even better). I made her a pair of lace leggings a while back...maybe even a year ago when she was just turning one...crazy how fast time flies. This time it was different though because I was using a piece of clothing and just taking the sleeves off. The sleeves on this article of clothing were bell sleeves so it flared out at the bottom. I immediately envisioned the cutest little pair of flared bottom leggings for her!! They turned out just how I wanted.

Here is a picture of the cardigan before I started to cut into it to give you an idea of what I transformed her leggings into.

Then I took a pair of her little 2T leggings and cut them along the sleeves. As you can see in the pictures below the sleeves were MUCH longer then her little legs would be so I had to improvise a little bit more then I thought I would have to. After I cut out each side I sewed them up the middle and made a casing at the top for the elastic waist. I was wondering how sewing on this particular material would work but I did a tight zigzag and they seem to be holding together just fine and it still allow the material to stretch. I can't even see my stitching or thread which is awesome.

Here is the picture after I sewed everything together and added the elastic to the top. The only problem now was how long they were. So I cut off the bottom at the top of the flared part because that it what I really liked about them and just cut off some length and re-attached them to the bottom. It turned out to work just as well.

Here is the final product on my little sass-a-frass. I call her that because she didn't want to model them for me. In the whole two years of her life she has already determined what she does and does not want to wear. I had to convince her that these weren't so bad (with a little treat) and once I did she kept them on. :)

They are not really lace, they look like they are crocheted. They are really pretty. Look at all the detail.

And again I just LOVE the little toes sticking out. I think she knew that I was taking pictures of her feet so she was posing them for me. :)

Have a spectacular day!!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stool Redone for the Better

Good Morning everyone.  It's Wednesday and me and my husband are down in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  We are on our way down to Florida and can't wait for some warm weather. We absolutely got tired of the cold and snow and all the shoveling we have been doing.  Brought our lap top with us and I decided to do a little blogging this early morning about my redone stool that I had.  It's a metal high stool and it was originally all beat up so I had painted it a grey on top and had painted a number on the top.  Painted the legs a pink.  I thought it turned out cute but nobody else did so I decided to redo the stool.  I forgot to take a before picture but you get the idea.  Here is the picture of the redone stool:

 I decided to take a piece of foam that was 3" high and cut it to fit the top of the stool. I glued it to the top of the stool.  I than made a cover out of an old piece of material that I had purchased at a flea market and the colors drew me to the piece.  Love the orange, pink and yellow design.  Kinda of retro.
 When the top piece fit the foam I decided to add a little bit of fanciness to this cover.  I added some yellow netting that I gathered and a old doily all around the edge.
I than covered up the raw edges with a simple twill binding that I tied the loose ends into a bow.
 Isn't this fabric a little retro?
 I decided to leave the painted legs pink which I think adds to the remake.  Have to keep the pink!

 So here is my little stool next to my corner cabinet .  I think the remake was  better and more fun looking.  What do you think, better or worse? 
 Until next time, Dianne......................

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