Friday, March 29, 2013

Painted Mason Jars

Good morning!  Happy Good Friday!  This weekend looks like it will be quite busy with Easter on Sunday.  A weekend filled with family and friends and I'm sure a decent amount of sugar:)

I love the look of painted mason jars.  I think they look adorable and they can be so useful!  They can be used as vases adorned with fresh flowers, containers to hold art materials, or just placed on a shelf.  I hand painted these blue mason jars.  It's a fairly easy process.  I gave them a coat of primer, followed with black paint, and lastly a coat of blue paint.  I then took a piece of sandpaper and lightly distressed them so that the white and black paint would come through to give it a bit more dimension.

I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend!
I'll catch up with you next week.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Good Morning.  It's getting to be the end of March and warm weather is still a little bit of a reach. Me and the hubby decided when I have Easter week off of work, we will take a little break and head for some warm weather.  But, before we do I have a cute little end table that needed some TLC.  I don't really remember where I picked up this little table, but it had a crack across the top of the table. My husband glued it back together and put some wood filler in the crack, sanded it and than put a coat of kilz paint on top.  The table was very sturdy and was a nice little square shape.  One could place this table anywhere that didn't have a very big space.  Here is the before picture:

When I was flipping thru some magazines, I had seen a cute saying painted on a tray and it had said "Laughter :the experience of amusement or joy \laf ter/ (n)".  So I thought why not on the table it seemed that would fit the top just right. I wanted a design that covered the whole top because of the mend job.  I painted the table a black and than painted the statement in a soft beige color.  I painted a small scroll on both sides of the drawer in the same color. 

I did have a couple of stencils for the lettering but I did have to fill in the letters. 
I added to the knob on the drawer a sparkly button.  I glued it on with E6000 glue which seems to really adhere to something.  It's a strong glue.  I love the little bit of sparkle that it adds to the table.

Here is my little table that hasn't been distressed, just a black table with a fun little saying and some sparkle that I think still looks shabby chic.  It's a table that could fit anywhere. What do you think?

Until next time, Dianne....................
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lace Leggings

Good afternoon!! The sun is shining here in Michigan and when the sun is out we have to be happy and having a great day because it doesn't happen too often. I am just dreaming of a little warmer weather just even 50's would be fine. I don't have to wait much longer though because we are heading off to that warmer weather in a week from tomorrow!!! I am so excited. This might be the reason for what I am going to blog about today. Warmer weather means fun clothes that don't have to be as functional....or at least for a LITTLE girl.

I have seen these cute little leggings made out of lace and other materials for little girls all over the place. I finally thought that maybe I should try to make some of my own. I found some lace I had stored away for a special project...or just a project I could use it on. I took an old pair of her little leggings and used them as my pattern. I made sure that when I was cutting the lace out I added 1/4 in or so for the seams. I then sewed the pieces together and added elastic to the top back of the leggings. I didn't go all the way around because they fit her so well in the waist they didn't need to be any more cinched in. When she woke up from her nap I was AMAZED that they fit her so well. I am so excited to have a new little pair of leggings that are fancy, maybe she can wear them for Easter under one of her dresses.

Of course to show the new leggings off we had to pair them with a fancy pair of sandals and an old vintage dress. The dress is actually one that my mom saved that my sisters and I wore back in the day. It's probably about 30 or so years old....depending on who it was made for. It was most likely made by my very talented Mom, she is AMAZING at sewing! She made her own wedding dress that I then wore some 30 years later!!

Did I tell you that my little one LOVES books? Of course she picks the most perfect times to want to sit there and read them. I think she knows exactly what she is doing when her mom takes the camera out. :)

Since the leggings are made out of lace I had to put a little diaper cover over them so you couldn't see the diaper through them. Paired with a little dress though I think it works perfect.

She is looking longingly out the window wishing she could go outside and play. I really wish we could too. Hopefully soon!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!! I know I am looking forward to it! Until next time...Jessica.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

House Rules Chalkboard

Good morning!  I am just getting back from Chicago this past weekend where I spent quality time with some good friends.  We enjoyed a bit of shopping, eating yummy food, and had some good 'ole belly laughs:)  It's always super fun to go but always fun to come home to your family:)

I bought this large board from a flea market this past fall for a few bucks.  I thought it would be a perfect size for either a sign or chalkboard.  I decided on creating a chalkboard out of it.

So, I gave it a coat of Kilz primer and then a few coats of a light green color.  I painted the inside of the board with chalkboard paint.  I then took a bit of black paint and gave it a distressed look around the edges.  Lastly, a few hooks were added to the bottom.

It now resides in the Shabby Gals booth space waiting for a new home:)  I added a few "fun" house rules to it.  I hope you have a beautiful day and if you're reading...ThAnKs!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

We Opened An Etsy Store!

Happy Sunday!  We are super excited to announce that we have opened an Etsy store recently!  We would love if you stopped by to check out some of our treasures:)  There is quite an assortment of items that we have listed.  Here's the link to our store.....3ShabbyGals.  I hope you enjoy the last bit of your weekend.

Thanks for reading....we really appreciate it:)
Shabby Gals
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

How about some Spring?

Good Morning fellow bloggers.  It's a little bit warmer this Saturday in March, but  I'm beginning to wonder if old man winter will ever leave and give us a little bit of Spring.  I have a little project that I did and it looks springy and the colors remind me of Spring.  Here is the before picture.  It was just a little piece of wood that someone had carved (probably thinking of Spring, too) and I forgot to take the original picture before I slapped some kilz on it.

I had decided that I wanted to paint this piece using some soft colors.  I choose a pink, a light yellow,a soft turquoise and a lavender and of course, a soft green.  I used acrylic paints that you find at Michael's or at Joann's.  I painted the whole piece and than found some sparkly paint that was clear and some that had some gold speckles in it and I painted that over the paint..
When everything had dried, out came the sandpaper.  I sanded just in certain parts to give that shabby feeling.
As you can see the sparkly paint shows up just a little bit, but I think it gives it a shabby, girly look to the carving.  Where I had sanded the original wood comes thru and adds to the look.

Here is the piece all done and in a wall grouping.  I think it gives the wall-grouping a little bit of Spring?  What do you think?

Have a great Saturday.  Until next time, Dianne...................

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Chalkboard Vase

Happy Friday!  Hope things are well with you!  I am headed out of town for a gals weekend in a few hours and looking so forward to it:)  I am hoping to get some shopping in and have some good 'ole belly laughs.

I recently made this chalkboard vase.  I don't have a before picture of it but it was just one of those cheap glass vases.  I sprayed the outside with some chalkboard spray paint and it instantly changed the look of it and became not only functional but now "fun" as well.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
If you're reading....ThAnKs!!
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Outdoor Scene

Good morning.  It's Thursday and I have a wonderful project to share with you. Found this little table at a garage sale and it sat, sat and sat.  I didn't quite know what to do with it.  Do you have that problem sometimes?  Well, anyways, my oldest son was home from North Dakota for the holidays and he wanted a little project to do.  He had seen all my treasures in the basement waiting for a little TLC so he had asked if I had something for him to do.  I told him that I didn't know what to do with this cute little table, did he?

So here is the before picture.  It had a removable glass top that was framed with the same wood as the table.  He had told me that he would like to carve an outdoor scene on the table, would I consider that?  I told him yes, go ahead.  Tedd (my son) has a lot of artistic talent and I knew it would look great when he was done.

So out came the sandpaper and the carving tools.  He drew the design on after he had sanded the top down. He had previously drawn this design in art class and had it on paper.  It took him quite a bit of time to perfect the carving.

So after he had carved the design, he had stained the carved piece with a dark stain.  Than the top of the table was also stained with a lighter stain.  When that had been done, I thought that the carving was not showing up so much so I painted the carved lines and spaces with the green paint that I had painted the table with.  I thought that the design showed up so much more with the paint instead of the stain.  It took a little bit of time to wipe the excess paint off but it was worth it.

I also had painted the top of the glass frame the same color and the rest of the table and I think it looks like it has been framed.

  I than had distressed the top edges which picked up the stained top. 

I also had painted dark brown paint in all the crevices on the table and legs.  I wiped off the excess which accentuated the detail that was also in the table and matched the top of the table that had been stained.

So here is my little table both done by me and my son, Tedd.  I just love it and it's going to go in our camp where we spend so much time in the summer.  Thank you, Tedd.
What do you think?  Until next time, Dianne.............................
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Simple and Sweet

Wahoo it's the first day of Spring!!! If only we could get a touch of spring like weather around these areas it would be great. It is so darn cold it hard to get motivated to even get out of the house. Anyway I guess I should be content with the weather when I am getting things accomplished inside. Not to long ago I found this little footstool and thought it was the cutest little shape, I wasn't so fond of the color and how boring it was. I took it home and of course I went to work trying to make it look a little bit more feminine and shabby.

I went to the fabric store and purchased some burlap. I only bought a yard because of the size of this little foot stool, but in the end I could have saved myself some time by purchasing a little bit more. I plopped the stool on top of the fabric upside down and cut out a circle about a 1/2 inch bigger than the top of the stool for seam allowance when sewing on the side. I then cut out two strips to fit the circumference of the stool because I didn't have enough burlap for only one strip to go around the entire thing. As I said previously it would have saved me sometime to buy a little bit more burlap, but none the less it worked out just as well. I sewed the two strips together and cut out two strips of some off-white fabric I had laying around the house. I cut them out twice as long as the piece of burlap that was going around the sides of the stool so that I could form ruffles with it. I then sewed the sides to the top which wasn't the easiest thing working with burlap that is really stiff. So the seams at the top connecting the sides may not look perfect but I think it fits the look of the entire piece. It's shabby and chic right? At least that's the way I like to look at it when everything doesn't look super precise. : )

I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening and week!!!


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