Friday, June 28, 2013

A Splash of Color

Good Friday morning, fellow Michiganders.  I'm getting this post published very early on a Friday morning.  I had a little bit of fun with an old flower pot that I thought needed to have a splash of color all over it.  I thought it was a little boring being just an old white pot.  Here is what it looked like before I got started:

 I got out some of my acrylic paints and chose some fun colors.  I first put a new coat of white all over the pot and than just got started and went crazy.  It was fun and I thought a lot of color would be fun.
 So here is my cute new old pot with a little impatient plant that I just planted.  I plunked this little pot on my steps at the cottage.  It gives the steps a little color.
 So what do you think?  Better or worse?
Until next time, Dianne.............
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Seventy Five Cent Chalkboard!!!

Happy Monday!  It sure is toasty here in good 'ole Michigan!  We finally put up our pool so we've been enjoying some swimming and lounging around.....just how summer is supposed to be!

I wanted to share with you another chalkboard that I created awhile back.  Yes, I was on quite a roll making these chalkboards for I have posted quite a bit of them:)

I found this picture frame with a print that really wasn't my style to say the least.  So what better way to re-purpose it than into a chalkboard......easy peasy!

I painted the frame a bright and cheery yellow which made it instantly better.  I then primed the glass and then painted a few coats of chalkboard paint over the primer.  Much better as a chalkboard...right?

Enjoy the rest of your evening!!

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Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Strawberry Time!!!!!

Good Friday morning fellow bloggers.  It's a warm June 21, 2013 and summer seems to be here.  I love the warmth and everyone's landscaping looks wonderful and colorful.  Strawberries are out in Michigan and it's the right time to go picking and make some wonderful homemade strawberry jam.  This blog is a little different for me because I usually talk about painting and redoing, but I always make strawberry jam for the family.  They are so spoiled that they will only eat homemade including the grandkids...So here we go:  You will need a couple of pounds of fresh strawberries (you can use frozen berries, but they have to be completely defrosted), a blender, granulated sugar, Can-jel(from Kroger,it's a fruit pectin like Sure-jel),some water, a small pot and some measuring cups.  Very simple so far.

First, one should wash and dehull the strawberries. Next put some berries in the blender and puree the berries so that they are nice and smooth (the kiddies like smooth jam) or you can leave it slightly lumpy and the amount should measure to 2 cups.  Put measured amount of berries into a bowl and measure 4 cups of granulated sugar into the berries.  Mix until sugar is mixed in and stir occasionally for 10 minutes.  While you are waiting for 10 minutes to pass, take a small pot and 3/4 cup of water and put on stove.  Pour contents of Can-jel (fruit pectin) into the water and stir until dissolve.  Heat on stove on medium heat til it comes to a rolling boil.  Stir continuously for 1 minute.  Take off heat.  When 10 minutes  have gone by, pour the fruit pectin into the berry mixture (doesn't make a difference if it's very warm) and mix the berry mixture for 3 minutes continuously.  After stirring pour into individual jars (the mixture will thicken as you stir) and let sit on counter for 24 hours and than freeze in freezer for future use.  

 This recipe is called Freezer jam and it is really a good jam recipe.  It's also very easy.

 Try it for the kids and even grown-ups.  It's delicious on bread, muffins, waffles and pancakes or anything you need jam for.
Until next time, Dianne.........................
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Refreshed Plant Stand

Good evening, or maybe I should be saying good night!! I hope you are all having a fabulous one if you are still up. I just got home from playing some softball, if your interested we played two games and lost them both!!! None the less it was fun to get out and play, especially on such a beautiful evening.

I found this little plant stand and I just loved the size of it. Although I did not like how dated it looked. It was in need of some paint to freshen it up and make it pop again. So I knew that I wanted to cover the tiles that were on the top and bottom and I knew to make sure they were covered properly it would be a job for spray paint. I found this color that I absolutely LOVE right now. I just thought it would look really good on this little piece. So I went to work and it didn't take me too much time to make this old little plant stand look new again. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!! Good night!!

Here is the before of the little cutie!! I just loved the size of it.

And here is the ending result. Much better in a color that pops. Of course I had too do a little distressing as well....just to make it perfectly imperfect. :)

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pineapple Garage Sale Find

Good evening!  It's late here in Michigan but I wanted to share a quick little project that I recently finished.  I found this wooden pineapple at a garage sale for a couple of bucks...two to be exact.  I decided that it could use a little updating....

I gave her a couple coats of yellow spray paint and then followed up with a bit of white paint to add some dimension.  Here she is slightly different.....

If you're reading....ThAnKs!!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013


Good afternoon, fellow bloggers.  It's a beautiful Thursday afternoon and I'm all done with work.  Now I can devote a little bit more time to blogging and crafting and painting and having some lazy days up at the cottage.  Here is my last little project and I'm sorry I forgot to take a before picture, SORRY.  I sometime get in such a hurry to get my project done that I forget.  Anyways, I found this cute little metal outdoor table with glass on the top at a garage sale for $5.00.   It was a little boring and some rust on it but I thought it would look cute with some color. 

 So out came the spray paint that was called Ocean Breeze.  I think it looks kinda of an aqua color, maybe a little bit like the ocean.  So I sprayed.
After I painted the piece I decided to rub and brush white paint in places.  I also rubbed it on all the edges of the table.  I also took some brown paint and dabbed a little all over also.  
When I was done painting this cute little table I put the glass back on and sat it right by my rocking chair and my little owl planter.  As you can see I am already using and comes in very handy to place my morning coffee on. 

So what do you think?  Until next time, Dianne.......
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Twist on Elephant Plaques

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you're enjoying your evening:)  Summer is in full swing around here!  My child has been enjoying popsicles, swimming, running through the sprinkler, playing at parks, and riding his bike.  I can hardly get him inside in the evening and every night is a shower night!!!  After playing outside all day.....he is beyond FILTHY!!  I am so happy summer is here and so is he:)

I found these two elephant plaques at a local garage sale last week.  Here they are before....

I thought they were cute and had some potential.  I gave them a coat of yellow spray paint and then applied a thin layer of white paint to the top of them.

I think they are much cuter about you?
Enjoy your week!
If you're reading....ThAnKs!!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ribbons and Bows

Good afternoon!!! It has been a couple weeks since I have posted any new projects that I have been working on. Not because I planned it but somehow life took over and occupied my time in other ways. I do have a lot of projects to catch up on so I hope you enjoy all the new things that I have been working on.

Since I last posted I had went to the Ohio flea market with my mom, aunt and sister. It is always such a good time. I really enjoyed myself and came back with quite a few treasures. I think my husband gets nervous every time I come back from a trip like that because he never knows what I am going to be bringing home and storing in his garage. :) Anyhow my project that I am going to share with you comes from that trip. I found this statue/hat display....not really sure what it is to tell you the truth, but when I saw it I knew it would work perfectly for my little girl and her collection of bows, especially because it had a cute bow on the front of it. I simply took some pink sample paint and painted it all over the piece. I didn't make it perfect because I liked some of the old shining through. I added an old clip on earring to the front to make it a little bit more feminine and fancy. I am so pumped to finally have a way to display and organize her bows. It seems we are always losing them.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Updated Rocking Chair

Good morning!  It's a beautiful Tuesday morning here in Michigan!  The weather is supposed to be so nice this week......high sixties...low seventies.  This type of weather is great for getting outside work done.  I feel like I'm behind this year, as I have still some flowers and veggies to plant.

I found this rocking chair at a yard sale last summer near my parents' cottage.  I took the before picture after I removed the legs.

I brushed a coat of Kilz primer on it and then a few coats of semi-gloss white paint.  Let me just tell you it took me FOREVER to paint this chair!!  All those spindles and curves were about the death of me.  I then decided to antique it a bit with gray paint.  Here she is post make-over.

Make it a great day!
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