Monday, September 15, 2014

Be Grateful......

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope your weekend was wonderful:)  We spent some QT time as a family just hanging out.  We are in the process of building our new home so we spent some time picking out kitchen cabinets this weekend.  It's such a big decision because this will hopefully be our "forever" house and I'm trying to pick out a type and color of cabinet that is "timeless."  We are hoping to break ground within a few days.  I cannot wait to begin this adventure!!  I will keep you guys posted with pictures as it progresses....:)

So, onto the project that I want to share with you.....
I picked up this piece of scrap wood from a barn sale this past summer.  It looks like it was a part of some piece of furniture.  I loved the shape of it and thought it would make a fabulous sign.

So I was going to paint it first, however, my dear mother suggested that I leave it in it's original stain and then stencil the quote over it.  I went with her suggestion and loved the way it turned out.  I used my cricut machine to create the quote.  It felt so good to create something's been awhile since I've put my hands to work in a creative way:)

I love this quote....because there is ALWAYS something to BE GRATEFUL for:)
What are you grateful for today?
Thanks for reading....and have a wonderful Monday!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chalkboard Table

Hellooo!!!!  It's been a loong time since I've last posted!  Summer was amazing and we spent some quality family time together:)  It was quite different camping with the twinners this summer.....just a tad bit more work:)  Although they were quite the troopers this summer....good thing because the six year old brother wasn't content with just sitting around!!  Now he's back in school as a first grader!!!!  Eeeek I can hardly believe it!!!  Time just needs to slooow down a bit.....our babies are now eight months old as well!  They are at a fun stage....starting to scoot around a pull themselves up on things:)  They are starting to really interact with each other too!!

I wanted to share with you this chalkboard table.  I unfortunately do not have the before picture of the table.  I painted the bottom part of the table a shade of pink and then the top with chalkboard paint.  Here she is now.....

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!!
Thanks for reading!!!

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