Friday, August 1, 2014

Sew Easy

Happy August!! I can't believe I am saying that. I am so sad that summer is just going so fast! I guess that's why you make the most of it while it is here and go go go. Well at least that's what I felt like we have been doing. We also have a huge project going on around this house so that makes things seem a little crazier too. We are residing our house and I hope to get the chance to share that with you all soon. I have been terrible about blogging as well so hopefully I will get back on track here.

This project that I am going to share with you was so easy and didn't take me any time at all. I was so pumped about the outcome too. My little girl wears them all the time. I am going to make them with a few more pairs of pants. I think they would even look adorable on a pair of jeans cut off.

I simply took an old pair of her leggings that were stretched out and a little bit too short on her legs and cut them off to be short length on her. I then took one of my old shirts that just didn't fit right anymore (you know how it gets after a few washes...well probably more than a few because I just LOVED the shirt) and cut off some strips to make ruffles with. They were about two inch wide strips. I then ruffled them and sewed them to the bottom. I did four strips, two for each leg, I probably could have done even just one to make it quicker. I like ruffles though so I settled with two for each leg. So in about 30 minutes I transformed boring old leggings to cute ruffle shorts for my daughter. The best part is they are comfortable and not restricting for the lazy summer days.

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