Friday, February 28, 2014

Tablecloth to Purse

Good morning!! It is such a wonderful start to the day when the sun is shining! That's what we are waking up to around these areas. It's hard to complain when the sun wakes you up with it's bright face. Besides making a quick run to the doctors today we have nothing on our agenda and it feels good. Sometimes it's nice not have any plans and just be able to catch up and work on some fun projects that have been on the back burner for a while.

This summer I picked up this old tablecloth. Something about it drew me in. I am not sure if it was the design, the color, or that it had a lacy, feminine look. I knew that I could come up with something to use it for.

So I already own this purse that has vinyl on the outside. It's the perfect thing for me to carry around. For one I have a child, so it's great because it cleans up really well, and two because I am so rough on purses that this one stays nice through it all. That was my inspiration to use this tablecloth for the bag I am about to show you. I figured that this tablecloth will clean up real nice and you don't have to worry about being to rough with it because it should be pretty durable. This bag I am about to show you that I created I found on pinterest. The blog that I found it from has a great tutorial for it. I had a few issues recreating it for some reason and did a few of my own tweaks but it turned out in the end. The blog is called

Basically you make your own pattern. She gives some measurements to go by and then you cut your fabric and go. You can make your own measurements as I did based on how large you want your bag to be. Just remember to make all the pieces the same.  It's a pretty basic bag and it's nice because you can reverse it. Although mine won't be reversible because I used interlining for the inside which doesn't look quite as nice on the outside as the tablecloth does.

So cut out four pieces out of the same pattern for the bag with the fabric folded in half and the short side of the pattern on the seam of the fabrics, or in my case tablecloth, you choose to use. You need two for the outside and two for the inside. Sew the two outsides together and the two insides together. Then you will shove one bag inside the other right sides together and sew them together along the straps. Leave the top of the straps open though.  You will pull them right side out through one of the straps. It's get really tight while doing this but trust me it works. Once you have both sides right sides out you are going to finish the strap.

As you can see in the pictures below I added some lace to make it more feminine and give it some detail. I sewed it right into the front of the purse first and then sewed the bag together so the lace gets tucked away in the seams.

Once you pull the bags right side out you are going to finish the strap. Make a little tube out of any fabric you want. You can match the fabric, as I did in the purse below, or you can use something else that coordinates. I thought it would be cute to use material from an old purse laying around but I didn't have one to match. You sew the two ends of the straps together and then pull the tube of fabric over it. Then you have a completed look.

I can't wait to try some more now that I have figured out how to make it. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Brown Table to A Creamsicle Table

Good Afternoon folks.  It's a nice and sunny Michigan afternoon but it's still so cold.  It's been a good winter to do inside projects and I'm trying to get them done so when this weather breaks I will be able to enjoy the nice Spring days.  Anyways, folks, here is my latest project.  I just loved this little half table with all the cut-out work and pretty legs, but the table top was gouged and beat up so I decided to do a little bit of painting.  Here is the before table:

As you can see it was kinda of beat up and my husband filled the gouges with wood filler.

Isn't the table legs great looking.  It is really a sweet little table.  So I started painting and started by putting some Kilz paint on first to cover up the imperfections and any oil marks that were on the table.  I decided to paint a cream all over the table and than add a soft pumpkin paint in all the creases and around all the edges.
Here she is and she reminds me of a creamsicle. The table really looked nice next to my warm orange kitchen walls.  I think painting the table details in a soft orange really highlights all the details this little table has.

The top of the table still showed some of the inlaid design that I painted over so I decided to brush some orange across the top and it did camouflage the inlaid design and added a little bit of interest to the top of the table.
It kinda reminds me of summer, doesn't it you?
So, what do you think?  Better or worse?  Until next time, Dianne.......

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Monday, February 24, 2014

New Wall Arrangment

Good afternoon!  It's Monday again....these weeks seem to fly by.  My twin babies are already TEN weeks old....I cannot believe they are this old already.  I am enjoying snuggling them...:)  

I decided to take these ledge shelves down from my living room walls....They have only been on my walls for the last couple of years.  My hubby asked why do I want to take them down...they are perfectly fine!  I told him it's time for a change!!!

So I put up a long white shelf that was repainted and antiqued.  It gives my wall a nice change and makes the old arrangement look quite dowdy....Here's the new look for my wall.

I think much better....How about you?
I hope you enjoy your Monday!

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fancy Ladies into Chalkboards....

Happy Sunday to you!  It's bright and sunny here in Michigan.....a balmy 25 degrees...and feels like a heat wave:)  We are going to bring our son to play a little hockey this afternoon so he is quite excited and wants to practice his top shelf shot.  I think I might even lace up my skates and do a few twirls:)  

I found these two prints awhile back.  I really loved the frames....the prints, however, are just not me.  So, I decided to make them into chalkboards.  I do make a lot of chalkboards but they do seem to sell well in our booth located in Howell.  

I just simply primed the glass and then painted a few coats of chalkboard paint.  Here is one after it's quick and simple makeover.  

I hope you enjoy your they always go by too fast:)
If you're reading.....ThAnKs!!!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Lace Books

It's Friday!! I am not sure where the week has gone but it is Friday and I am sitting here blogging wondering where it went! I hope you all had a great one. I am not sure about you but this weather is starting to get to me and it's only February. I know that we still have some more cold weather to look forward to. The other day though when it was 40 degrees outside we all were acting like it was a beautiful spring day. It makes me kind of chuckle because if the weather was that cold in the spring we would be bundled up and crying.

Anyhow, on to my most recent project. I have a whole bunch of old books stacking up in my garage and for some reason I LOVE old books. I haven't found something to do with them until now and I think I am going to keep making them. I have these two book shelves that are on both sides of my fireplace that I can never figure out how to fill them up and make them look cohesive. So I thought if I paint these books white, with some acrylic paint, and make dress them up in some white lace they would look pretty displayed up on my shelves. Since they were just sitting in my garage anyhow I thought I would take the chance. Here is how they turned out after I finished the lace with modge podge and some brown antiquing wax. They look so nice up on my shelves and I can't wait to create a few more. I hope you have a great weekend!!

I had a picture of the book before I covered it with paint and lace, but the picture disappeared from my files. :) I think that you can probably imagine what an old encyclopedia looked like.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some More Steps

Good Morning fellow bloggers.  It's Wednesday and it looks like we may have a slight break in the winter weather here in Michigan.  Boy, it has been some Winter!  We may be getting to the 30's here today and maybe the next few ones.  I do have to admit that I have been getting a few projects done because one can't spend alot of time outside unless you want to shovel some snow.  I have a project that I find kinda of fun and it involves another little step ladder.  I really like the old wood ones because they are just cute and fun to work with.  They can be used for so many things.  Here is my before pictures:

As  you can see this little step ladder has been really used and even one of the legs, my husband had to fix.  I think that someone was going to throw this out and it still has some uses.
The top of this cute little ladder was even crooked on top but oh well it still has some use.  I started painting this with some light lavender paint.  I actually just painted it in some areas and than spread the paint around with a rag.  In places the wood grain still shows thru and in some places the paint covering is pretty solid.

When I had finished painting or should I say rubbing the paint around I grabbed some glitter paint in a gold color and just painted it in streaks all over the finished ladder.  I left all the hardware on the ladder alone.  I liked the rusty nails and beat up galvanized hardware.

It is kinda of hard to see the glitter and it is just meant to be a glimmer.  I wanted to cover the top and the steps with something, so out came an old wallpaper book.  I went thru the samples and pull out a few pieces that I liked with the lavender color and just tore the pages and glued them on top.  It was kinda of rough but it suits this little ladder.

So, here is my little ladder, more steps and all.  These little ladders can be used for so many things, from using as a plant stand to being used in a bathroom holding toiletries. 
So, what do you think?  Better or worse or should it have thrown away?  Until next time, Dianne........

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Perfect For a King

Happy Valentine's Day to you!  Do you have anything fun planned on this "love" day?  We have nothing on the agenda but just being together:)  I found this crown at a flea market this past summer.  There's something about crowns that I just love.....:)  Seems like a lot of other people do too as you can find them in many trendy stores these days.  This crown need a bit of pizazz added to it.

So, I sprayed the crown white and then added some fine "sparkly" glitter.  It now sits on a shelf in my twins room.  I think the after look has much more appeal and more fitting for a King/Queen...don't you?

And one more........:)

Happy Love Day!
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Banner

Good Morning.  It's Thursday morning here in Michigan and I decided to get up early and do a little blogging.  Now that I'm retired it's fun to get up early and do what I want to do.  I'm usually on my way to work at this time but I'm officially retired and enjoying my days.  I was worried that I wasn't going to be busy and that I would be bored but I have found out that I don't have a problem finding things to do or places to go.  Now I have been wondering how I had the time to do the fun things I enjoy doing.  Anyways, on this nice and little warmer Thursday I have a project to share with you.  I got this idea from Jann Olson on her blog "Have a Daily Cup of Mrs Olson".  I just loved her banner from vintage doilies or even new ones, so here is mine.
I had 2 vintage long pink and white doilies.  I cut them evenly down the middle.  I didn't have any white bias tape so I made my own out of some pink floral fabric.
I sewed the doilies in between the edges of the bias tape and top stitched them closed.  When I did this I enclosed the raw edges of the cut doilies in between.
When all the sewing was done I decided that I wanted it to say something for Valentine's Day, so I had some cardboard letters that spelled out the word LOVE.  I painted them a dark pink and glittered them with some pink glitter.

When paint and glitter was dry I glued the letters on to the center of the doily in the center of the banner.

I arranged it on an antique shabbied vanity that is in our booth and it looks pretty draped across the beveled mirrors.  This banner could be used in many places and in many ways.

This was a fun project to do and a great way to use some vintage doilies.

So, what do you think? Until next time, Dianne.................

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