Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coffee Print

Happy Thursday!  Hope this finds everyone well.  Yesterday was a beautiful day as it was in the 60' awesome.  The kids were all happy to be outside without all their winter garb on and riding their bikes!  Anyways back to my project....I recently picked up this frame at the local Salvation Army store.
Seriously...not my offense to cows!  I really enjoy quotes...and I often get teased about it.  I find inspiration in them...whether it be losing weight, just being happy or even raising kids.  I knew this little picture could be updated with something long cows.  I found this quote on and just fell in love with it.  Here's my updated picture....
I typed up the quote in my word program and sprayed the frame a bright red.  What do you think?  Thanks for reading!
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  1. Great Job. Love the quote and the RED frame. Red is one of my favorite colors.

    Hugs, Maki