Thursday, May 23, 2013

Getting Ready for Spring

Good evening, fellow bloggers.  Getting my post out a little late.  Spring is such a busy time and not enough hours in the day to get everything done.  I have been a little slow in getting my summer furniture out on the deck because of the weather.  Spring has been a little slow in sharing her warm weather with us.   Well, anyways here are some pictures of the back deck, just waiting for more warm weather.  I had this baker's rack that was just sitting around and I decided to put it on the deck for a another place to put plants, trays or just about anything.  I had these metal chairs that didn't have any cushions for them so I made some.  The fabric is fun and the buttons are all different.  I just love my old rusty sun that looks like he is blowing sun kisses at you. 

 I had some old milk crates and I decided to use one for a small little end table with some candlesticks close by for some atmosphere.
I filled up my shelves with old metal pieces that I really like, for example my old pail, my old chipped basin and some very old, chipped metal plates.  
 Here is my other milk crate that I just turned upside down to place a plant on instead hanging the plant.  Here is my crate that I'm using as a little end table.
 Some more stuff on my shelves.
 I just love how this fuchsia plant looks hanging down over the shelves.
 Here is my old rusty sun.
 And here is my deck just waiting for a little more warmth and sunshine.

Until next time, Dianne...............

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  1. I like the idea of the bakers rack on your deck! I have some watering cans I could use.
    Have a great day. Kim