Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Little Fancy & Little Nature

Good Evening, everyone.  It's Saturday evening and I didn't get a chance to blog on Thursday which is usually my normal day for the Shabby Gals.  I had a busy week and didn't really get a chance to get my thoughts and projects ready so I thought I would share on of my wall grouping in my living room.  I like the shabby chic look (no surprise) but I have a couple of hunters in my family, so I thought I would throw a little nature in with the fancy and the prisms. 

 I had found this wonderful, ornate and fancy frame at a garage sale.  I didn't do anything to it because I loved the color of the gold.  It is an old frame and I didn't really have a picture to put in it but my girls told me to hang a twig wreath in the inside.  I did and liked the look.  I thought it looked a little fancy and a little bit nature inside.
 I had gone to an estate sale and found this beautiful old lamp with all the prisms.  The antique brass matches the frame.  My son, Tedd, who lives in North Dakota found this wonderful petrified wood on a riverbank.  My brother-in-law carved this wonderful Cardinal and we asked him to mount it on the old grey color wood.  I matched up one of my old teacups that picks up the grey of the wood and some of the red of the cardinal and again I think it mixes up a little fancy and a little bit of nature.
 I had placed the lamp and the teacup on an old doily, which adds a little bit of color and again here's my red cardinal.

 Than on my shelf I placed 2 shabby gold vases with some dried hydrangeas and a wonderful old tray that somewhere in my travels I had found at a garage sale.  My son also gave me these old antlers that a deer had shed a while ago and I placed them across the knobs of the shelf. 
 As you can see the antlers are a grey which adds a little bit of nature along with the petrified rock.  A mixture of fancy and nature.
 So this is one of my wall groupings.  What do you think?  Until next time, Dianne......................
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