Thursday, April 25, 2013

Picture Perfect Doily

Good evening, guys.  I'm doing my Thursday blogging a little late today.  I couldn't quite get enough time to sit down and figure out what I was going to say.  Here in Michigan, the weather finally turned out nice to finish off the day.  The beginning was cold and rainy with a little icy stuff coming from the sky, but now the sun is shining.  Way to go Michigan.  Well, anyways here is my little redo.  I had these frames that I had painted a pretty shade of pink and I highlighted the details on the frame with a white paint.  Here are the frames:

I had a bunch of doilies and I had this crocheted runner that I had picked up a long time ago.  I used it all the time until I had dumped something red on it and I couldn't get out the stain.  Here is the runner:
I didn't want to throw away the runner because of all the work there was in it and a lot of the runner was still okay.  So I got out my trusty little stapler and starting stretching the runner on the back of the frame.  I stapled like crazy on the back of the frame.  I didn't want the runner to come loose.  I had 2 frames but not enough of the runner to do a second frame so I found a pretty white doily that was also crocheted.  I did the second frame like I did the first.  Here they are hanging in my living room.
The runner was a definite antique white and the doily was a bright white, but I think they still look really nice together.  They still go together when the wall color still comes thru.

So what do you think?  Until next time, Dianne...................
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  1. What a great idea! These would look so good in my girls' room! Thanks for linking up to our Make Bake Create party this week!!

  2. I think this a great idea for stained doilies. I will try this one!


  3. This is really cute, Dianne. So pretty and a great way to display those in not-so-perfect condition. Hope you're having a nice week. I've posted the new Homemaking Party for the week and would love to have you link up, if you'd like!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  4. I love how you reused the lace. It gives me ideas. From a fellow lace lover...