Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Ladder Shelf

Good afternoon!!! What a beautiful day we have in Michigan today! The sun is shining and I feel like it's super warm, even though it's still in the 20's. I guess compared to how cold it has been this feels great! A great day to get outside and enjoy the snow.

My husband, who always says he doesn't want to get involved in my re-vamping furniture, found a bunch of old wooden ladders in the garbage while he was driving through our neighborhood. He brought them home to me and I was so excited because I just thought of the endless possibilities with them. So he cut them up into smaller pieces for me and I took one out the other day. I LOVE the look of painted pieces but in the same breath I love the rustic look. For this particular piece I decided not to paint it and just sanded it down and brushed some poly-acrylic on it. I then brought it into our little space where we sell things and put it on the wall to use as a shelf. As you can see in the pictures below we decorated with many other fun items we are selling, that are a combination of mine, my sisters and my mom's, and they just made the shelf look complete. I love the way the poly-acrylic made the dark spots in the ladder come out and gave it a more smooth finished look to it. With the right pieces to adorn it the shelf would look adorable on any wall. I am in the process of completing one for my own house. So if you have any ladders laying around don't get rid of them...the possibilities are endless. Have a beautiful day!!

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  1. Very cute! I love how you designed it. I LOVE old ladders ;)
    Jamie ~ Better With Age

  2. Adorable.....NeeCee at newest member!

  3. I LOVE how you all styled this! I hope to find a vintage ladder while garage saling or thrifiting this spring...I had one that was my father's but my DH tossed it...

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Juice last week. I'll be featuring you at my site tonight, and sharing this post at my facebook and pinterest...

    My best,

  4. Love the look. Where did you get your "you make my heart smile" sign?

  5. So cute and fun! I am sharing this on Pinterest.