Friday, February 8, 2013

Smash Cake

Just recently we celebrated my daughters first birthday. I don't know if it's because I am getting older or what but I feel like time is just flying by! I honestly don't know where the year went, it's feels like just yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital and now she is crawling all around. Yes I did say crawling and not walking...she takes her time moving through the milestones. Sometimes I think she is just content being picked up and carried around. That's alright though being the one and only...I can do that for her. Probably a little spoiled being the first baby.

Anyhow, I wanted to make a little smash cake for her to dig into and then do a different cake for everyone else. I am sure nobody wanted her drool and little fingers digging into there piece of cake. I don't blame them. So I searched around for different ideas and I saw many pictures of different ones that I could try. I found this rose cake that looked fairly easy, for a beginner, and adorable for a little girl's first big bash. I borrowed my sister's frosting tips and made some butter cream frosting. I started by making circles all around the cake and I could see it start to take shape. I was happy with how it turned out, although I am sure it could be perfected with practice.

For the cake portion I made a yellow cake on a big sheet pan and cut it into three small squares. I stacked them on top of each other and frosted in between each layer. I then put the cake in the freezer and took it out later to put a base layer of frosting on it. This helped when forming the roses all around the sides, especially if there happened to be spaces in between. Which might have happened because this was my first attempt at decorating a cake.

Here is final outcome...

For the top of the cake I found some scrapbook letters that spelled out her name and strung dental floss in between them. I then tied the floss around the toothpicks and stuck the toothpicks into the cake to make a little personalized name banner.

Here is her little hand digging in for the first time. I think she had a hard time believing that we would put this big cake in front of her to dig into! She kept looking at me to make sure it was okay.

 As you can see it didn't take her long to dig in!! She LOVED it. I don't think she saw any imperfections or cared for that matter if there was any. :) She wasn't too happy with me when I eventually took it away..I think she would have eaten to entire thing!!

Happy 1st birthday Julia!!
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