Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Onesie Dress

So here is a little dress that I made for my little niece.  You should see her, she is such a cutie!   A little chunk, I could just eat her cheeks right up!  This dress is sorta like what I did for my own daughter last week, but instead of cutting the onesie off, I left on the bottom so you could still button it. I sewed the fabric right on.  I did that because she is still so little.

So what I did was sew the fabric in a tube, hemmed the top and bottom.  Then I started pinning and pleating the fabric right on the onesie.  I started on a side where I sewed the fabric together and put that on the seam of the onesie.  Then I took some fabric and sewed it on the collar, just so it spiced up the top a bit.

Now she is small, only 3 months.  I figured if she can no longer button the onesie, she can just cut it off.  Then she can wear it a bit longer.  It is perfect for the summer days that are hopefully coming here soon!  Hope you like it!  See ya..Kim

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  2. This is SO cute! I've got to make this! Thanks for sharing . Stopping by from Southern Lovely Show and Share :-)

  3. How adorable! Now if you can make something like that for a boy oh my word, you would make millions. There are no cute boy clothes :) Thanks so much for sharing with us at Toot Your Horn Tuesday!

    1. I know I always think my poor little boy....:( But then I realize they could care less of what they are wearing right????