Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Old Trim

It's about 10:30 p.m. when I am starting this post. Usually I like to get an earlier start but today has been kind of hectic!! I just got home from playing a couple games of softball tonight. If you are all wondering, which I am sure that it won't make your day one way or the other, but we WON both games.Win or lose it's a great evening out with friends.
Anyhow I have this obsession for stencils and old pieces of furniture or wood lately. It seems that all of my projects revolve around them, but I can't seem to detour away from it. So if you like old, imperfect pieces stick with me. :) In the pictures below it shows you how I took a simple wood piece, that was from an old farm house, and turned it into something for the wall or on a ledge. I have it in my kitchen behind my sink. It fits perfectly there and doesn't take up too much room. I just LOVE filling up my house with old treasures!!! I will have to ask my husband if he feels the same. ;) Have a great night!! Jessica

This is the piece of wood before the stenciling. I think it was from the trim in the house. I didn't even paint it...I think that's what makes a lot of these pieces charming.
Here is what it looks like after against the red walls in my kitchen.

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