Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A New Project....

So here I am finally getting a little motivated. I have been slacking on my projects, and I do have a few of them waiting. So here is a old trunk that I junked picked, and I really mean garbage picked.:) I knew I would eventually need a bigger toy chest for my all the toys my kids are collecting. I have not finished but here is my before picture...hopefully by next week it will be finished and be put to use.

As you can see, a little rough. I did take the handles out, and I sanded and wood filled most of the cracks. It looked as if there was trim glued on the top, I just tried to sand all of the glue off. I figure if it looks too bad, I will put some more trim on the top. I am going to put a coat of primer on tonight...and hopefully get rid of those hideous legs. So any suggestions what color to paint it?

Until next time...Kim
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