Monday, January 16, 2012

Little Pink Chair

I found this sweet little chair at an estate sale earlier this summer.  I quickly picked it up with a few other treasures and brought it home.  The chair was in perfect condition, other than slightly dirty.  Here is the before shot of my little chair.

My first thought was to paint it a soft pink hue and slightly distress the edges.  So, I first of all lightly sanded it just so that the primer would adhere better.  I cleaned it well and then put one coat of Kilz primer.  After waiting for the primer to dry, I put two coats of a soft pink semi-gloss paint on the chair.  After it was completely dry, I used my cricut machine to create number stencils and used those to paint numbers on the back of the chair.  Here is the after picture of my little pink chair.
What do you think?  This picture was taken just as summer was ending and my seedum plant was in full bloom......sigh....we still have many, many weeks of winter.  Have a great Monday!

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