Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Broken Chest Re-Do

Good morning and Brrrrr it's cold here in Michigan again.  It was so nice for 2 days and it was like Spring around here but now it's in the 20's and a wind chill of 10 degrees.  It's Michigan, you never know what going to come our way.  Love it.  Well, I have a remake that took a little bit of time because I didn't know what to do.  We had this old chest that was really beat up and the drawers were a mess.  We took out the good drawers and made some shelves out of them.  They turned out really fun and I will show you at a later date, but for now it's all about the chest.  Here is the before picture:
As you can see it looked a little rough.  There was no bottom and no dividers between the drawers.  So   I asked my husband if he could make some shelves because I was going to use this for an organization piece.  I have a craft/sewing room that I absolutely love. can  I can do my projects there and if I have to leave I can shut the door til a later date when I can come back and project again.  So here is the next step:

After the separations were in, I thought that some trim would add to the piece.  So they were cut and added on, which actually hides the added wood shelves  My husband added another little shelf where a little drawer once was.  I have pink and green in my sewing room, so I painted the piece green and the inside a raspberry color.  Antiqued the green with the pink and rubbed pink along the edges.  I filled the drawer spaces with an industrial look with some metal bins.  I weaved some material along the edges of some of the baskets.  I had an old metal bicycle basket and I added it to the outside to hold a little more stuff.  I also weaved some material around that basket to be able to hold smaller stuff there.
I had an old metal bicycle basket that I thought was really cool.  We added it to the outside of the cabinet and I also weaved some material to that basket to be able to hold some smaller items.

It looks a little rustic but still a little feminine.  A little industrial, too..I think adding the material and some bows added the feminine look,along with the pink..
Love the original casters on the bottom of the chest.  It makes it a little easier to move the piece around when it comes time to clean and straighten up.

The finished look.

So how do you like the look?   Until next time, Dianne........
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  1. I love the colour combination! That looks really good. :)

  2. A labor of love! The colors are so cute and the basket with the thread is so colorful and a fun idea.
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  3. What a great makeover. Love the touch of pink and the baskets. Thanks for sharing at Restyled Sundays!

  4. ha! i used to have a dresser exactly like this one! so nostalgic!

    popping over via frenchcountrycottage and hope you'll stop by when you have a moment.

    smiles to you and happy weekend.


  5. Very resourceful using those baskets and the color scheme is delightful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love how you re-purposed this and the baskets are a nice touch, the bicycle basket for your thread is especially clever!

    Katie @ The Inveterate Homemaker