Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Updated Butterflies....

Happy Wednesday!  It is a beautiful day here in Michigan:)  The sun is shining and the windows are open!! We found these wonderful butterflies at garage sale...  Really outdated....but when we've painted them in the past, they seem to sell rather quickly.  So, I decided to paint the brown butterflies a lime green and then I rubbed some pink paint in the grooves.  It's really hard to tell the color on my pictures....Either way they look better than before...

It is a lime green color and accented with pink paint.

Maybe you can tell better here?

 Or here?

Here are some white ones....

I decided to go with yellow and accented with white paint....

Have a great evening!!!

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  1. One of the girls here always finds those butterflies at yard sales too. She paints and sells them at our tag sales. I love the way yours turned out!