Friday, April 18, 2014

A New Window Look

Good Morning.  It's Good Friday and we are having a spring rain shower.  Easter is late this year and so is Spring, but I think it is here.  Everyone is so waiting for some nice warm weather like we had last weekend.  It was beautiful.  Well, anyways here is my latest project. Originally, I had made these curtains for my kitchen out of a orange,green and gold stripe silk.  They were still looking nice but I was tired of them.  I wanted a lighter look and brighter look to my kitchen.  Window dressing is the finishing touch in a room and changes the look of a room so much.  Here is my old curtains:

As you can see they weren't bad just a little dark for what I now want, which is more of a shabby chic and vintage look.
I saw this idea in a Vintage Style magazine and just loved the idea.  They had made curtains out of old hankies.  They very colorful hankies made up in curtains and they were full length, they covered the whole window.  I loved the idea but I didn't want the whole window to covered up and I wanted not so much color.  So, I started collecting old hankies, but not with so much color and ones that were a little bit fancier.  These were embroidered ones and if they had color it was soft color.  
I first measured my windows and added just a little bit of fullness because I really wanted the hankies to show up their detail.  I than cut out so white material in the length and width that I needed and than I proceeded to turn over the side edges and the hem and top-stitched them.  I left the top undone because I originally had thought that I just wanted clips to hang the curtains by but had left enough material at the top to add a casing if I wanted one.  I ironed each and every one of the hankies and laid them on top of the white material and pinned them where I wanted the hankies. 
When they were how I wanted them I top stitched them onto the white background.  When they are hanging one can't see the top stitching.  I just love the details on the hankies.

I had finished the curtain over the sink and hung them by the clips and I didn't like the look, they looked like they were falling all over the place and you couldn't see the details of the hankies.  So, I finished the curtains by added the the casing for the simple curtain rod to go thru and I liked the look better and it really looks like there a just hankies hanging on the window. 

My kitchen looks so much lighter and summery looking and more vintage looking also.  I am really pleased by the look and it is so much different that what I had before.

I even made a smaller version for my kitchen door.

Just some close-up pics of the pretty hankies I used.
So what do you think, better or worse?  Until next time, Dianne......

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  1. Much prettier and one of a kind. Love how you sewed them onto the white fabric, what kind of fabric did you use? I made a curtain last year with hankies for my bathroom window by attaching the hankies to each other and sewing on vintage buttons at corners.. Think your idea was much smarter and more durable. Think I'll take my curtain apart and sew hankies on to some light white muslin. Would be much hardier. Your pretty valances are so nice, love how you used the hankies. I used alot of hankies that were my Mother's. Happy Easter

  2. I actually used a white flat sheet for the white material and thank you for the compliment. Dianne.....3Shabbygals....

  3. Super cute look! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love it! However, I can't really tell if it's any better than the previous window treatment, as I think they're both so adorable and unique. It should all boil down to personal preference, but I've fallen in love with them both. Hahaha! In any case, the new window treatment looks great as well. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you! :)

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions, Inc.