Thursday, June 13, 2013


Good afternoon, fellow bloggers.  It's a beautiful Thursday afternoon and I'm all done with work.  Now I can devote a little bit more time to blogging and crafting and painting and having some lazy days up at the cottage.  Here is my last little project and I'm sorry I forgot to take a before picture, SORRY.  I sometime get in such a hurry to get my project done that I forget.  Anyways, I found this cute little metal outdoor table with glass on the top at a garage sale for $5.00.   It was a little boring and some rust on it but I thought it would look cute with some color. 

 So out came the spray paint that was called Ocean Breeze.  I think it looks kinda of an aqua color, maybe a little bit like the ocean.  So I sprayed.
After I painted the piece I decided to rub and brush white paint in places.  I also rubbed it on all the edges of the table.  I also took some brown paint and dabbed a little all over also.  
When I was done painting this cute little table I put the glass back on and sat it right by my rocking chair and my little owl planter.  As you can see I am already using and comes in very handy to place my morning coffee on. 

So what do you think?  Until next time, Dianne.......
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