Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Unique Find I was ALMOST complaining about the close to 90 degree weather we were having last week, and now I am about to say that it is pretty chilly around here these days. I won't complain either way though, that's just Michigan.
Today I am going to share with you a piece of furniture that is really unique. I thought I have found some cool things before but this one really caught my eye. I found it at a garage sale (I know not a big surprise) and something about it screamed out at me. It looks like someone must have made it at some point...and it would be kind of fun to try to replicate it, if I knew what it was made out of. Maybe some of you might know. I thought for a minute that they were old electrical insulators, although when looking for pictures of them I haven't seen anything that looks quite like these do. It looks like the bottom is made out of an old bar stool or even microphone base.  None the less I thought this table was really neat.

Well whatever it is made out of it needed some tlc. I took some antique white spray paint and coated the base. I then took some old wallpaper and modge podged it on top. I love the fact that you will probably never find another table like this one unless re-created. Have a splendid day!! ~ Jessica

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  1. Love this! Very Nice! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love the table......i have one I am finishing right now! I bought it only because is was unique With 2 round shelves, tiered....I will be posting it soon! Have a day full of Style...NeeCee from

  3. so cute! love the pattern on the top and the sweet shape!

  4. LOVE it!!!!
    It has such a unique shape that came out so pretty after your makeover...


  5. I love this. Especially how you did the top! Wonderful find.

  6. Love this little table! It is so cute!
    Tuula :)

  7. Love this table. I'm your newest follower. Come check out my blog when you have a minute at

  8. That's adorable! And I love what you did with it. Have a great week!