Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just a Little Tip

Good morning...well it's kind of later in the morning, but my little girl laid down for a little nap and this is my time to get some things accomplished!! So today I am not going to show a new project but a fun tip that I learned while trying to re-do furniture.
I had this dresser for my daughters room that was TERRIBLE!! It was painted to look like it was black with gold streaks through it, not sure if you can imagine that but it was pretty bad. The bottome boards were chipped and rotting out so my husband put new molding along the bottome for me. Of course on old pieces of furniture comes the old hardware, and sometimes you can get away without changing it. Unfortunately I had to do something about the hardware on this piece. I ended up buying new knobs for the top shelves, as you will see in the picture below, but I wanted to keep the pulls for the rest of the shelves. I always used to dread trying to paint these things...I always made a mess, I couldn't get the hardware completely covered, the handles would stick together, etc. So this is the tip I am going to share with you today.
We found a piece of cardboard and screwed the hardware right through the cardboard to keep everything in place. This works AWESOME. Everything gets covered evenly, you have somewhere that they can dry without sticking together, and less mess!! Next time you should try it out and let me know how it works!! :)
Have a super Wednesday!!! ~Jessica

These are the pulls...after they have been sprayed once and drying. They were black with gold paint splattered on them before. Even this is quite the transformation. :)
This is the back of the hardware. This is just to show you how it is screwed right into the cardboard. is the final product with my new hardware, trim, and paint on the dresser for her nursery. I wish I had a before picture to show you, but hopefully you can imagine how bad it looked before.

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