Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Decorating with Flea Markets and Redos

Good Morning everyone!  It's a Tuesday morning here in Michigan and we are expecting some cold weather.  The U.P. is experiencing some wintry weather but so far we aren't down here.  That's okay with me, winter will be here soon enough.  Well, guys we have been collecting pieces from flea markets, garage sales and estate sales to redo our little cottage on the lake.  It has been a work in progress and we still aren't quite done, but almost done.  It started with some hand me down furniture that has been recovered and stripped.

My husband picked up this adorable little rocker at an estate sale but it was so sad.  I painted it a white and added a burlap coffee sack for the cushion and distressed the paint so if the grandkids knocked it, it wouldn't make a difference, just add some character.  The little green table was also an estate sale piece which was painted a soft green and my son, Tedd, carved a deer scene on the top which was covered with some glass.  The lamp was a garage sale find which was painted and sanded with a lampshade covered in wrapping paper and ribbon loops for the border.  The small bookcase in the back is 2 wood crates that I stacked one on top of the other.  Love this look.  Will add more when I find more. A work in progress!!!!!

 This cabinet was found at an estate sale, too.  I loved it the way it is and put the television in it.  Love the little drawer on the bottom.  The mantle next to it was a flea market find which I have blogged about.  I painted it and shabbied it up.  I tiled the inside of the mantle and it's waiting for a gas insert, which is coming.
This lamp was a garage sale find that I just love and the shade was found at an estate sale but I think they look great together.  The lamp has a wood base and the filigree is wire. Painted both the table and the lamp the same soft color green with a little white.  I have green painted cabinets in the kitchen which opens up into the gathering room so I decided to keep the furniture that I have painted to the same soft green and putting white and some wood into the styling.When I think about this little cottage there is nothing new in here, everything is old and has been redone.

Love my crates for the bookcases.  They have come in handy.
My mantle is sporting an antique mirror which I believe they called a piano mirror.  It is just sitting on top of the mantle.  It's a cozy room and if you are a little crazy you can decorate with a lot of mismatched and a lot of redo's and have it all come together and make a statement.!

So, what do you think? Crazy or not? Like or not?  Until next time, Dianne........

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  1. Hi there. My first visit to your site - I'm in Cornwall, England (www.athomeincornwall.co.uk) and I love it when I come across other people across the globe who are all collecting (probably more like hoarding in my case!) similar things. Often, it's things like your crates that others say are easy to get hold of and yet here in England can be rarer than hen's teeth. Do you find the same?

  2. Dawn-Sometimes the crates are hard to find but most of the time they are just so banged up. I love decorating with old pieces and finding new uses for some. Thanks for visiting us.

  3. Oh my! That chair is beautiful....I love it!

  4. It's so cute Dianne! I love the chair and that mirror is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. I love collecting items from the flea market and garage sales, redoing them and using in our home. You have done a great job of incorporating those pieces in your home. Very pretty. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  6. I like the mantel mirror! Thanks for sharing!