Thursday, December 20, 2012

Paint Paint Paint

Good Morning.  It's Thursday and I'm feeling a little bit behind.  It's Christmas and everyone seems to be done shopping and organized except for me.  I guess that is normal for me because I try to do the handwork and all the little extras that I should have done in JULY, not in DECEMBER.  Well, anyways here is my fun little paint job.  Here is the before picture of my cute brass giraffes:
 I decided to jazz them up with paint, paint and more paint.  What I did was brushed on them a light orange flat paint.  I than took a dry rag and wiped off the excess.  I also took a wet rag and wiped a little bit more paint off.  I wanted to accent the grooves that was on the surface of the giraffes.  When they were dry I brushed  some poly-acrylic varnish on them so the paint that I added would stay on and protected. 

I think you can see the details of the giraffes a lot more than before.  What do you think?  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Until next time, Dianne........
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