Wednesday, June 6, 2012

For the Dogs........

Hi everyone, it's Wednesday and it's not really my blogging day but I'm leaving town to go to a niece's wedding for the weekend and I'm leaving tonight.
 I don't really have a before picture of the tall and skinny cupboard but trust me it was ugly but again I could see the possibilities and I thought  I could have fun with it.  I had purchased this cupboard at a garage sale and brought it home and did a little clean up job on it.  Decided to paint it with a cheery red flat paint and painted the inside of it with a light grey.  I wasn't thrilled with the end result so I modge podged  some dog print gift wrap paper on the outside.  Than I poly-acryliced the outside and inside and decided I liked the finished look.  What about you?  Dianne

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